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Equipment and clothes

The equipment is limited to what is necessary to bring during the route. We will give each passenger a personal 40 liter bag capacity to store everything you need and it will be carried by the mules. 

The traveler should carry enough shelter and water. 
Also, each person must take the material that is likely to break if the load carried by mules fall down. 
In each chosen route will be a series of essential technical materials specified in each activity.

Essential equipment to Pack

  1. Hiking Boots: The boots should be comfortable, cover the ankles and it is essential that you have used them before this trip to avoid blisters and chafing. Some good socks are also very important. 
  2. Comfortable to be in camp Shoes: A comfortable sandals or flip flops and you can keep up with socks (usually cool at night) 
  3. Sleeping bag: 
    1. Summer: Have at least a comfortable temperature of 0 º. The temperature at night can reach below zero. 
    2. Spring and Autumn: You should expect a temperature of at least -5 ° (especially in high mountain routes). 
    3. A Sleeping bag sheet is highly recommended, normally gives us a couple of degrees and helps keep the outer bag in good condition 
  4. Clothing for walking in the mountains: 
    1. thermal shirts 
    2. fleece 
    3. windbreaker 
    4. waterproof clothes 
    5. Hat 
  5. Sun protection: 
    1. cap 
    2. Sunglasses 
    3. Sun cream factor 50 minimum 
  6. Frontal (mining style) or Lantern: The batteries are necessary in both cases. 
  7. Canteen one liter minimum. 
  8. Little backpack for the trek (you can bring your camera, personal items, coat...).
  9. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, has a spare. 
  10. Basic kit. If you need medications, do not forget. 
  11. Documentation: Valid passport or identity card. 
  12. Personal hygiene products. 
  13. Towel. 

You also should bring

  1. Batteries and memory cards parts for electrical appliances. 
  2. Binoculars.

Bath and shower

During the trek we will have bath and shower.
In most of the routes, we can take a shower after the activity. Each traveler will get a free small bag with soap.
We use clorideless paper, ecologic 100%.


We have 3 meals per day.
Abundant breakfast. Fried or scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, juices, cereals, fruit, bread, jam, honey, butter, tea, coffee, milk, chocolate milk, ...

Lunch is usually a light meal. Each traveller will get a pic-nic bag each morning before the hike starts. Sandwitches, cold salads, energy bars, chocolate and fruit.

Dinner is also abundant. Creams, soups, vegetables, rice, pasta, fish and meat. The diet for the routes will be rich, abundant and diversified.

If you are a vegetarian, celiac, allergic to any food, or have any difficulty with food, do not worry about anything. Let us know when you book, and our chef will take this into account.