Alberto Iglesias

Biologist who has traveled five continents by land, sea and air. Ski instructor. Góriz Refuge’s chef during winters and Pyrenean springs. In recent years he has worked as a guide Photographic Safaris in South Africa, taking all the travel logistics. Nature and mountain sports photographer.
Web’s pictures were taken by him and if you want more, you can visit


  • Agustín Gómez

    Ski instructor, muleman and commissioned the technological part.

  • Álvaro Yaque

    Mountain guide, ski and snowboard instructor, canyoning guide... for over 14 years. Also muleman, of course.

  • Paloma

    She climbs better than you

  • Peregrina

    She climb the hills like a real ... mule!

  • Verni

    The youngest of the animals, and the mules too...