Esteban Juiz Junco

Mountain Guide. He has spent the last 20 years in Spain and Argentina made numerous ascents by the highest peaks in South America and leading expeditions in Patagonia and the Pyrenees. Passionate traveler has traveled many countries climbing, walking and skiing. He is an enthusiastic and passionate about the mountains and nature.


  • Agustín Gómez

    Ski instructor, muleman and commissioned the technological part.

  • Alberto Iglesias

    Biologist, photographer, ski instructor, cooker... muleman too!

  • Álvaro Yaque

    Mountain guide, ski and snowboard instructor, canyoning guide... for over 14 years. Also muleman, of course.

  • Paloma

    She climbs better than you

  • Peregrina

    She climb the hills like a real ... mule!

  • Verni

    The youngest of the animals, and the mules too...