Barbaruens roundtrip - Cotiella in four days and three nights

4 days
Trekking Mule - Imagen álvaro y niño saltando

This trip is one of the best options for enjoying with the family and known the greatness of the Pyrenees and its landscapes.
The route goes throught the Cotiella. We will set the camp up around the Armeña lake, a great place sourrounded by big walls and a greatness beauty.
We will have the oportunity to climb the Cotiella's peak (2.912 m), while the people who don't want to get more relaxed can wait us around a more accesible places enjoying the geological geography.
Last day we will be canoying throught the Barbaruens river, an activity for the hole familly.

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4 days
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595 €/person (Groups 7 - 8 people)


Day 1
We will meet in the village of Barbaruens at 12:00 to travel on the track that leads to the beginning of the road that leads to the ibón Armeña.
The road that leads to the Ibon is picking up slowly, passing through a beautiful forest, home to emblematic species of the Pyrenees. The trail is easy, entertaining and shocking due to the surrounding environment.
Arriving at the ibón (mountain lake), we will set the camp up. The limestone walls form the spectacular circus of Armeña leave us speechless with his greatness.
After lunch, we visit the shelter, play around, take a walk around the area, or just relax with a good bath.
We will take this first evening together to discuss the operation of the camp and the route of the next day.

Duration: 2 hours approx.
Day 2
Cotiella massif, a place where we are these days, is unique. Their diversity, always within the world of limestone, is brutal.
We woke up early this day to climb to the top of the Cotiella (2,912 m), while the karst area crossed during the climb, and commenting on the various fossils that we find along the way.
Once on top, we were delighted with the views that have the Pyrenees. perfect place to explain the formation of the Pyrenees and the location of their garments place. It is one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the Pyrenees.
Walk, shower, dinner, talk and relax under the stars.

Duration: 5h approx.
Día 3
After breakfast and load the mules, remount all together quietly the way that will lead us towards the hill of the Ibon. We enjoy the view behind us, seeing what modeling glacier manufactured to our delight, as we walk down the moraines left by these glaciers.
Already in the hill a new world opens our eyes. Walls, peaks...
Lunch placidly to descend then to the chapel Virgen de la Plana. Along the way the location is idyllic, gorgeous camp.
Dinner and laughs.

Duration: 4-5 h approx.
Day 4
Breakfast all out for energy for the day ahead, the descent of the Barbaruens river, a gully initiation and spectacular scenery.
As we move through the river see geological formations that has been modeling water: waterfalls, caves, sinkholes, springs, karstic caves, springs, hollows and impressive vertical walls.
Hand in hand with our canoying Guide we will spend all day at a water park for both children and adults: jumps, slides, crystal pools ....
About 17 pm we arrive at our cars.

Duration: 5h approx.


  • All group equipment: Tents, dining tent, cooking material.
  • Transport of all equipment during the entire route.
  • Mountain guide, cooker and biologist.
  • Lunch and dinner for the first day and breakfas for the second.
  • Canyoning guide.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Neoprene boots (like socks for water).
  • Harness.
  • Helmet.
  • Bag and sealed container.
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