From Basa de la Mora to Barbaruens in two days and a half

3 days
Trekking Mule - Imagen Pradera

The route begins in "La Basa de la Mora" or "Ibón de Plan", one of the most beautiful small glaciar mountain lakes in the Pyrenees. It is surrounded by black pine forests, green meadows and large Cretaceous limestone. Legend has it that the people of pure soul that on the night of San Juan wash their face in the water will see a beautiful moor dancing a magic dance.

Along the route, which has no difficulty, we will go through Cotiella massif that shows the huge footprints formed by the passage of glaciers.

On this route we combine forests, a beautiful lake, a hill with beautiful views, green meadows, a chapel and the beautiful Barbaruens river.

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3 days
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320 €/person (Groups 7-8 people)


Day 1
We will meet at 18:00 in the village of Saravillo heading to the hill of Lavasar. We are on the top of the front moraine of the glacier that existed thousands of years ago.
The road that leads to the Ibón, or Basa de la Mora, is quiet, pleasant and impressive. We can not look away from the four glaciers of the lake.
Once in the Ibón (the lake), we set up camp on its southeast shore, a magical place.

Before dinner, we will return to the Basa de la Mora, learning many geological details that will make us understand why our world is as it is today.
We will take this first evening together to discuss the operation of the camp and the the next day route.

Duration: 1 hour approx.
Day 2
After breakfast and loading the mules, we will quietly remount the path that leads to the hill and a new world opens before our eyes, amazing sinkholes and large folds.
With the most daring walkers of the group, we will go to the top of the "La Peña de las Diez" (2,592 m), the others can continue the march with the mules at a leisurely pace through the valley that leads to the pass, where we will stop to enjoy the view.

Once at the lowest point of the valley, we walk up to the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Plana, place to set up camp.
Dinner, laughs and briefing for the next day.

Duration: 5 hours approx.
Day 3
Relaxing Breakfast and said goodbye to the mules the will go down through another path.
The group will head down the path that goes near the bank of the Barbaruens river, and the more adventurous can take a bath in one of its pools.
The path ends in the village of Barbaruens, arriving at noon before eating.

From here, we move (by car) to the beginning of the route, the Saravillo's village, where the cars are. There we say goodbay.


  • All group equipment: Tents, dining tent, cooking material.
  • Transport of all equipment during the entire route.
  • Mountain guide, cooker and biologist.
  • Dinner on arrival day, breakfast food and dinner on the second day, breakfast for the third day.
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