Family multi-adventure in the Pyrenees - Canyoning - 6 nights and 7 days

6 nights
Trekking Mule - Multiaventura - Cañones y barrancos

This trip is one of the best options for sharing the experience with the familly.
The route runs through the calcareous massif of Mt. Cotiella. We will camp in the "Ibón de Armeña" (Ibón means mountain lake), an endearing place located between great walls and with an incomparable beauty.
Optionally, on the last day we will canyoning the river Barbaruens. An activity for the whole family, children included.

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Trip details

6 nights
4 noches campamento + 2 noches en Albergue
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Ends in: 
654€/person (Taxes incluíded) 8 group people. 1 child free*


Day 1
Arrival at 17 hours at Albergue El Run, where Alberto welcomes us and we check in.
Around 8 pm, meeting with the TrekkingMule team. They will show us the adventure program,
they will also answer our questions and collect our belongings for the expedition. These
belongings will be transported to the camp by the other part of the team, the mules. Next day
we will walk without weight to the meeting point at the foot of the mountains by the Ibón de
Armeña. An ibón is a mountain lake.
This meeting will give us the chance to meet each other, and for the children to star playing.
The selected lodge is in a quiet village, where children can enjoy the outdoors until dinner time.
We will take advantage of this first evening together to discuss the operation of the camp and
the route of the next day.
Day 2
Ready for adventure? We need to get to the village of Barbaruens; the starting point
indicated by TrekkingMule. There, we will leave the cars and begin our expedition
through the mountains in search of our camp, where our mules, Pilgrim, Dove, Gypsy
and the rest of the team await us, with the camp and all details prepared!

In about 3 hours easy and panoramic walk, we will arrive to the lake camp! The Ibón de
Armeña. A place where the sourrondings are breathtaking and you can not stop
Afternoon to rest, swim, drink a beer, snack, play games, walk to the refuge from where
we can admire the morrena and plan the activities for the next day.
A walk along the lake at night in search of newts, will give way to the needed rest of the
children and the deserved drink under the stars for the rest of the team.
Day 3
We start the adventure with a full and energetic breakfast! Adults can ascend to the
peak of Cotiella (2912mts). Children start climbing and rappelling on a nearby wall. On
these same walls nests the bearded vulture, we will surely watch over our heads. After
lunch we go caving at the base of Cotiella, a mass of limestone filled with ancient ice
caves. In addition, in the tour, our biologist will show us that one day all that was
covered by the sea ... it´s full of fossils!
Back to the camp we can take a warm shower and play a board game until dinner. With
the darkness of the night on Earth and the luminosity of the night sky of the Pyrenees
we will do a workshop of stars and you can bivouac, sleep in the open with the
protection of our guide
Day 4
Today we raise up the camp! We take a farewell bath in our lake, enjoy a good
breakfast, pack and load our mules. The whole team, together with the mules, will walk
up the Ibón hill, enjoying the perspective that the glacial modeling left for our delight.
Already on the hill we have lunch contemplating a new landscape that opens before us
and then we descend to our next camp in the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Plana. The
road, without being difficult, does require our attention and there will be paths and
meadows where adults and children can pull our mules, happy and docile, following
those willing to carry their rope. We arrive and set up the camp, rest and play in our
meadow or simply rest until dinner. Tonight, barbecue!
Day 5
We get up with the sunrise and delight the nice and complete breakfast
TrekkigMule prepares for us. Today we say goodbye to our mules and we throw
ourselves into the river back home!
We put on the neoprene suit provided by our guide and we descend walking
through beech woods, a fairytale path in which a gnome can appear at any
The Barranco de Barbaruens is for begginers, suitable for children and adults. A
easy canyon, very safe and fun. The landscape is spectacular, the river runs
between vertical walls and beech trees that look out to see ... the limestone has
done incredible shapes by which we slide down the slides, jump into the
puddles or rappel to descend along the river.
We will have lunch in some backwater, under the sun, probably at the foot of a
waterfall and we will feel ourselves very small in such a wonderful environment
and, at the same time, very large of the feats and challenges that we have
overcome. We continue down the canyon until the final jump!

Finally, we will walk a path to the car and return to the lodge where homemade
yummy dinner will be waiting for us.
Day 6
We get up when we want and have our breakfast with no hurries because we are on
our day of doing whatever we want. It can be to stay in the village, go to the nearby
river, play football in a nearby meadow, read in the shade of a tree, go shopping to
Benasque in search of skiing and mountain material. For others we can offer any other
activity at the Pyrenees, such as kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, climbing a peak or
making a simple, close and beautiful route, paragliding ... TrekkingMule can help you
with any of these proposals and maybe some more. On our way back to the Albergue,
a homemade dinner awaits us again.
Day 7
Farewell breakfast will close our adventure at the Pyrenees. Time to review the good
moments lived, the experiences learned, the challenges overcome. Share photos,
remember laughter and nerves. Relive exciting moments that gave us the landscape,
inspire the clean air that accompanied us these days and relive the emotion that

brought us discover, live and walk nature. Disconnection in pure state! The
TrekkingMule team say goodbye to you. The human, Álavaro (Guide of high mountain
and canyoin), Alberto (Biologist, mountain guide and chef), Esteban (Mountain guide
and guardian angel of the children) and the animal, our beloved mules, Peregrina,
Gitana, Paloma, Portuguese, Girl and Pint.



You can see detailed information at FAQ's - During the treck.

  • All material for the group: Sleeping tents, dinner tent.
  • Mountain guide and chef.
  • Transport of the mountain material during the trip.
  • Shower (yes, you can take a hot shower in the mountain).
  • Full board during the trip.
  • 2 night Hostel half board.
  • Ecological Soap and toothpaste (100% biodegradable).
  • Trekking Mule T-shirt.
  • * Child must be accompained by two adults.

Not included

  • Optional activities during the route, like: canyoning, climbing class, speleology...
  • Any activities not included in "Included"

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