Multi-adventure in the Pyrenees - Canyoning

4 days
Trekking Mule - Multiaventura - Cañones y barrancos

This trip is one of the best options for sharing the experience with the familly.
The route runs through the calcareous massif of Mt. Cotiella. We will camp in the "Ibón de Armeña" (Ibón means mountain lake), an endearing place located between great walls and with an incomparable beauty.
Optionally, on the last day we will canyoning the river Barbaruens. An activity for the whole family, children included.

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4 days
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595€/person (Taxes incluíded) 7-8 group people.


Day 1
The road that takes us to the Ibón is gradually taking over, passing through a beautiful forest, home to emblematic species of the Pyrenees. The trail is easy, pleasant and impressive due to the surrounding environment.
When arriving at the ibón (mountain lake) all the camp will be settle up for us, since the mules and muleteers will arrive before us. The walls of limestone that form the circus of Armeña are great.
After lunch we can visit the shelter, play petanque or some cards, go for a walk or just relax with some good baths and Ibón.
We will take advantage of this first night to comment on the operation of the camp and the next day route.

Duration: 2-3 hours.
Day 2
The massif of the Cotiella, place for which we will be these days, is unique. Its diversity, always within the limestone world, is brutal.
We will wake up early this day to climb to the top of the Cotiella (2.912 m), as we cross the Karstic zone during the climb and see the fossils that we can find along the way. Children and people who want a quieter activity can stay in the camp and surroundings (where the mules and the biologist will be).
Once at the top, we will enjoy the views of the Pyrenees from one of the best viewpoints in the area. It is a perfect place to explain the formation of the Pyrenees and the location of its mantles.
Walk, toilet, dinner, talk and rest under the stars.

Duration: 6 hours.
Day 3
After breakfast and load the mules, we will all calmly walk the trail that will lead us to the Ibón hill. We will enjoy the perspective behind us, walking through the moraines and landscapes that the old glacier left behind.
Already on the hill a new world opens to our eyes. Walls, ridges and landscapes will welcome us on this slope.
We will have lunch placidly to descend, then, to the hermitage of the Virgen de la Plana. The road, without being difficult, will require our full attention. The place is idyllic, the camp magnificent.
Then have dinner and laughs (for sure).

Duration: 4-5 hours.
Day 4
Good breakfast for having some energy for the day that awaits us.
The most daring will have, as an optional activity, one of the most beautiful gorges descents of the Pyrenees, the descent of Barbaruens ravine, a ravine of initiation and with a spectacular landscape.
As we go along the river, we will see the geological formations that have been shaped by water: waterfalls, caves, springs, upwellings, karstic cavities, springs, cavities and imposing vertical walls.
By the hand of our Canyoning guide we will spend the day descending the amusing river, suitable for both children and adults: jumps, slides, crystalline pools ....
And for those who want to walk instead, we will go down a majestic beech forest until we reach the village of Barbaruens
About 17 in the afternoon we will get to our cars.

Duration: 5 hours.



You can see detailed information at FAQ's - During the treck.

  • All material for the group: Sleeping tents, dinner tent.
  • Mountain guide and chef.
  • Transport of the mountain material during the trip.
  • Shower (yes, you can take a hot shower in the mountain).
  • Full board during the trip.
  • Ecological Soap and toothpaste (100% biodegradable).
  • Trekking Mule T-shirt.

Not included

  • Optional activities during the route, like: canyoning, climbing class, speleology...
  • Any activities not included in "Included"

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